To travel or not to travel – is there really any question?!

People hear me talk about travel at work and often ask questions. Some make comments (including my husband), that travel can be so expensive. This is true if you’re taking a big trip out of country or something along those lines. And I’m no expert, but the reality is there are so many ways to travel: big trips, little trips, distant trips, local trips, hiking, biking, boats, trains, automobile trips and more.

I’ve told my kids for years that if you have a passion for something like travel that it’s important to find a way to make it happen. Plan ahead for the bigger, more expensive trips and you can make them come to life! But in the meantime, take little trips and enjoy the time away and the time with each other. That’s the important thing!

If hiking or even camping doesn’t sound like travel to you – give it some thought – when you go, you probably don’t stay in your own town, therefore in my book it’s travel!

Since husband doesn’t care for as many of the bigger, more expensive trios, I have made two check lists, one of all the California State Parks and the other of all the National Parks. My goal is to start formulating smaller trips so that each trip we go to at least two or three Parks. This will make husband happy while also making travel a little easier on the pocket book!

If you’re not sure what there is to do, hit the internet, there is a whole world of info there for you, that can help you plan your next big …. or small adventure.

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