Day 4 (Wednesday) Road trip: Jackson – Grand Teton – Dubois – Casper

As mentioned at the end of my Day 3 post, we ended our day in Jackson. Everything we did on day 3 was on or near Teton Park Rd headed into Jackson so it made sense to end with stops along the 191 from Jackson on our way out of town.

I took some photos along the way to our first stop. Always beautiful scenery!

We began with a stop at Mormon Row to take a couple of pictures of the historic barns/buildings that still stand. Such a beautiful area and with the Tetons behind them. It really can make your mind wander, and wonder what it must have been like to have settled there back in the day!

After Mormon Row, we made a stop by Schwabacher Landing for some reflective photos of the Tetons. Unfortunately there was a breeze that morning so the water did have some movement to it, making the reflection less than stellar, but sometimes you take what you can get. Moving water or not, it was still a surreal way to spend the morning.

When we got to the 191 junction, we went ahead and went back into Teton Park (I have an annual pass so entry fee for a couple of photos wasn’t an issue) and headed up a few miles to Oxbow Bend. Unfortunately, it was a little later by the time we got there, so aside from the breeze causing movement, there were already folks out on kayaks moving the water around as well. So no reflections here (you definitely need to get here earlier in the morning to catch those beautiful reflective shots), but as with Schwabacher, it is still a beautiful site to enjoy.

Some of the variety of scenery along the way to our next stop.

Knowing we had a long ride at this point to Casper, I had done some quick research and learned that Dubois is jackalope country so we made a stop there to be complete tourists, take some pictures with the jackalope creatures they had, and grab a t-shirt or two.

Sadly there was road construction right at the entrance so we didn’t realize what was there until we were jammed up. But something I missed in my quick search, was further outside of the town of Dubois. If you have interest in military vehicles, this stop might be right up your alley. There is a National Museum of Military Vehicles on the right side of the road, as you head from Dubois to Casper. My husband was disappointed I hadn’t found this in my research, so we’ll try to catch this if we go back through the area.

Keep an eye out as you drive along the roads – not only does the scenery change from green fields to trees, to rocks, but if you look carefully, particularly in areas with a lot of sagebrush, you might catch a glimpse of these little lovelies – antelope! Not nearly as easy to spot I found. Keep an eye out for the white patches, particularly on their necks and “back side” – that’s what would catch my eye when passing! Beautiful animals!

Some more scenic variety….

Then came a long drive, with no planned stops until we arrived in Casper for the night. We got checked into our hotel, asked the clerk for a good place for dinner and she suggested we try The Fort which was nearby. So we headed over, had a drink and a nice dinner. This place is lively with music and a large bar. The food was good. I ordered a wrap with sweet potato fries and to my surprise, the fries were like dessert – they were SO yummy, sprinkled in cinnamon/sugar and they had a cinnamon/sugar butter for dipping. Oh my!

Day 5 – Casper – Mt Rushmore – Wind Cave – Hot Springs SD post coming soon

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