Day 1 – Embarkation Day

EDIT: I was finally able to get photos uploaded!

Yesterday was embarkation day. I had a smooth flight and arrived in Seattle on time. I gathered my bags and checked in with the Princess Cruise rep for my transfer to the cruise port. I was given a ticket for boarding the bus and directed where to go to catch the transfer. Seattle airport is very crowded, so we (myself and some folks I met that had just gotten off the same plane) headed over – we had to walk over to an elevator at the end of the building and take it up one floor. At that point, we were at the Sky Walk level to the parking garage. We walked across the Sky Walk to the garage and then found the elevator. This elevator we took back down to the first floor where we could see a sign directing us to the cruise transfer area. Once there, we were greeted by more employees who gave us a colored sticker on our tickets. Our turn to get on the bus would come when our colored sticker was called out. I will note that they began reusing the sticker colors, so people who had just walked in were able to board the bus with us and we had waited about 25 minutes .

Once on the bus, it is about a 30 minute drive from the SEA-TAC Airport to the cruise port. We had a very nice driver who pointed out some significant spots and gave us a little history as he drove.

Luggage – you gave your suitcase to the folks who gave you the sticker. At that point, they had employees who loaded the luggage up into an enclosed truck and took it to the port. You didn’t have to do anything with it, but wait for it to arrive at your cabin door.

At the port, everyone went in and went through security. This is just like the airport. Carry on bags are scanned, as are you. From here, you went to the Health Checkpoint. At this location, there were several podiums with medallion scanners and an employee there to greet you. You scan your medallion, show them your passport and proof of vaccination (with the covid tests becoming mandatory on 8/15 I imagine you will also show them your proof of negative test), and they ask if you are still feeling healthy and well. Once done here it goes one of two ways.

Everyone goes upstairs, but this is where the boarding colors (from the MedallionClass App) come into play. If you are green lane and HAVE your medallion, you go upstairs and head straight for the ship, no stopping. If you are green lane but need your medallion, you get into a line to complete that. Blue lane etc also have lines upstairs. Once through those, you will board.

They did not take embarkation photos (that I saw). Cabins were technically not ready so they had hallway doors closed, but I spoke to one crew who was able to get me in the alarmed door do I could just go drop my carry on bags before heading to lunch. I ran into/met my cabin steward, Rockson, who said my cabin was done and I could do what I needed to. Yay!

Then it was off to lunch in the dining room. I had a lovely salmon fillet with potatoes/veggies and a salad. And of course I had dessert. I apologize for not taking photos (it really did all look wonderful), but I was so tired from the early morning, and hangry at this point, so I scarfed it up lol.

I then proceeded to wander the ship, re-familiarizing myself with the beautiful Majestic Princess. At about 3:30, I headed to the Wake Bar and met a handful of new friends, from an online group I’m in. I wandered some more, spoke to some of the crew, with a stop at the photo gallery and had a chat with the photo guys. I enjoyed lovely music in the Piazza for a bit while enjoying a beverage and then what do you know, it was time for dinner! 😉

For dinner, I had jumbo shrimp for appetizer and a cod dish for dinner, followed by a the chocolate-hazelnut souffle (again, no pictures, sorry). I had not made reservations through the DIne My Way portion of the app as there were only tables for 2 listed by the time I went in. I will note, that I went to the dining room when I was ready to eat, and just told them I was “one to share” and they seated me at a table for 8 which gave me new folks to meet over dinner!

Wandered some more and took in some more music, went by the Effy store and picked up a free ship charm, a little more wander/music, then I turned in a little early.

It was a good day, and I am beyond happy to be back onboard, enjoying the sea!

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