Day 2 – A Day At Sea

Yesterday was day 2, the first full day onboard. The first full day onboard was a day at sea. According to our Captain, we were moving basically full speed, about 22knots I believe he said, in order to make it to Juneau by noon (today, day 3).

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to get up early to catch the sunrise. I checked Seattle’s sunrise time and it said 5:09 AM, so I was up on Deck 16 aft by 5:05, but the sun did not wake up that early. It took just over an hour for the sun to finally show itself. It took a good 15 minutes, in the cold blowing wind, to start seeing some good colors.

The Internet is sketchy today as we are farther from land. I wasn’t able to add pictures to my post yesterday and I may not be able to this morning, but I will try. If not, I will try again before we leave Juneau’s side tonight.

After sunrise, I went back to my cabin to get warm then I went to breakfast in the dining room at 7:00 AM. As is the norm when I travel, I asked for a sharing table. The table was slow to fill, but we did end up with an almost full table.

I will interrupt here to say I gave up on trying to finish this post this morning. I was continually getting bounced out of my program. It appears to be much, much better now that we are docked!

So back to breakfast, I had lovely dining companions, as seems to be the norm which makes me very happy! After breakfast, I wandered the ship, did a little shopping, listened to some music, played a little bingo and even went to the casino and lost a little on the slots lol.

And before you know it, it was lunch time. I have to admit that some cruises, I take mostly food photos and other cruises all ship photos. I think I’m leaning more on the ship photos, but not even as many as I normally do. Had a good lunch, then I went back to my routine, wandered, music, sat in on a game show. Then honestly I was getting sleepy from two early mornings so I went back to my cabin and napped. Yes, I napped on vacation.

And then it was dinner time. It seems like it’s always time to eat, doesn’t it?! Shared a table yet again, even sat with some of the same folks (apparently we like to eat at the same time). After dinner, I went to the show. It was called Sweet Soul Music and had good singing and dancing. When the show was over, I went to another game show. By this time it was almost 11 so I wandered a little to see if I’d run into anyone I had met. I did not, so I called it a night.

We had some weather roll in, so the swell picked up a little (not major) so it almost helped lull me to sleep.

Another good day in the books.

Day 3 is a port stop in Juneau, Alaska!

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