Hollywood Pool Club

Well I’m back onboard. We spent our first night in the port of Seattle onboard due to a storm that was expecting to cause large waves (approx 34′ from what the Captain said) so for safety we stayed in port. This meant the port of Skagway was dropped from the itinerary. Speed is much slower than normal to help ease the rocking of the ship to keep passengers more comfortable. Juneau has been moved from today to tomorrow (Skagway should have been tomorrow). The temperature so far isn’t too bad, about mid-50s. We did have some rain yesterday afternoon, but today has been anywhere from partly cloudy to full clouds and a little fog. Sea is still rocky.

So for this post, I want to share with you something unique to the Majestic Princess. Many of the other Princess ships have the Sanctuary which requires reservations and a fee to use. Well, Majestic Princess has an indoor pool area/ lounge area known as the Hollywood Pool Club. You don’t need reservations, it’s first come first serve and there is no additional fee to use it. The pool is heated and there are a variety of locations you can sit and enjoy the peaceful environment. There are restrooms available in the area, there are also 2 hot tubs and even a bar in case you get thirsty! This is located on deck 17, forward.

I attempted to upload a video yesterday but it wasn’t cooperating so I’ve gone back and taken some stills to share with you.

Next trip / more posts coming

Well, while waiting for my next trip I’ve been working on organizing my older photos, especially previous trip photos. However, I can say that my next trip is planned and I’m going back to Alaska, same ship and cruiseline, but my husband will be coming along this time! I had issues due to weather and glacial surroundings with the Internet, so I won’t try to post much until we return. We haven’t planned any excursions yet, and we may not. Only time will tell 😉

One thing that has changed since my recent Alaska trip is that Covid testing is required to be completed within 2 days prior to departure so that is a new and interesting twist to this upcoming trip!

I’ve been sorting through old photos, trying to finally get them organized by timeframes, trips etc. Since I’m finally doing this, it will allow me to fill the current travel void with some past travel photos. So some of that will be coming in the near future.

For those who are out there traveling, safe and happy travels!

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