Cruise Food – Majestic Princess Day 1

Goodness, there is SO much good food to choose from onboard a cruise! Day 1 was embarkation day. You have options even then. On Majestic Princess, you can dash to the International Cafe on deck 5 in the Piazza for a specialty coffee/hot chocolate and a light sandwich or sweet snack. Or you can head up to deck 16 to the World Fresh Market Place (the buffet) for a variety of food options. But my personal preference is to head to deck 6 in the Piazza to the Concerto Dining Room.

To me, there is nothing better than being pampered and taken care of when you’re cruising, so a nice sit down lunch is my choice! Here was the lunch menu on embarkation day:

I hate to say it, but I forgot to take pictures of my lunch. I opted for the Limestone and Baby Oak Leaves with Cucumber, Carrot and Red Onion salad with a balsamic dressing and the Broiled Salmon with Lemon and Dill Sauce for my main. Note that on the lunch menus (unlike dinner menus), Desserts are listed. At dinner, they give you a completely separate menu, after you’ve eaten. And for dessert, I had the most delicious Orange Souffle – that, I did get a picture of!

Orange Souffle

I also managed to get some pictures of some of the mid-day options at the International Cafe:

And then of course, there’s dinner. Here is the night 1 dinner and dessert menus:

The rolls are wonderful, I admit I cheat on my carbs reduction when I’m cruising because …. YUM!!! lol I should add that at lunch, the rolls came out warm, I was in heaven!

I digress, back to dinner! For dinner, I started with the Seared Garlic Prawns and I had the Southern Fried Chicken for my main. Always delicious! For desserts, one of the reasons you get a separate menu is because there are many after-dinner drink options to choose from. These typically have a surcharge, as noted on the menu. However, you can always get basic tea or hot coffee, which is included in your cruise fare. For dessert this night, I opted for the Crunchy Profiterole with a Pecan Gelato which was definitely crunchy, but delicious! Here are the images:

Well, that was food, Day 1. I’ll leave this post as is and do another for Day 2. I won’t have one for every day as, towards the end of the cruise, we did hit the buffet a couple of times and there were often too many people to get in and get good pictures so I skipped those.

I also want to add that, should you have any dietary concerns, Princess will do their best to accommodate. When you board, go see the Matre’d and let him know your needs.

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