Nassau, Bahamas

Although we left port a couple of hours late, Nassau is only about 300 miles from Florida, so it wasn’t an issue.

When we arrived, you could still see a little holiday. There were a total of four ships in port this day. Caribbean Princess, Emerald Princess, Celebrity (not sure which ship), and Allure of the Seas. Emerald was docked closest to the street. You can see there is construction going on.

In the photo on the right, if you fancy Harley Davidson and like to pickup a shirt or two when traveling, the light blue building to the left side of the photo is the local Harley apparel store. Down the road, you’ll find signs for many souvenir/shirt shops etc and at the far right, with the green awning, is Senor Frogs.

It was noted in the daily newsletter, the Patter, announced over the speakers etc that we needed to take a government issued photo ID as well as proof of vaccination ashore. When coming back to the ship, we were instructed to show our ID and medallion.

We had booked an excursion to the beach on Blue Lagoon. There were several excursions to the island, and once there, we also learned there were several excursions from the other ships as well. It’s broken up into different beach areas so you were not necessarily mingling with folks from the other ships. We took a boat over, which took about 45 minutes. It is an open air boat, with partial covering, and they pack you in pretty tight. Once there, they have folks who can direct you to the right beach area.

There was a family beach section, and an adult only section. We were booked in the adult only section. As we walked over to it, there was a gift shop, restrooms, showers for rinsing the sand off, and an activities hut where you could rent snorkel equipment, paddle boards, dolphin, sea lions and other activities.

Blue Lagoon is the right name, just look at this water!

This is where the dolphin encounter excursions take place and the sea lion excursion is just past this.

This is the Princess family beach area – there is a jungle gym of sorts in the water that you can see.

And this is the adult only section, on the other side of the rope.

Not alot of fish to see in our little area. There were some blue fish and a couple of yellow/black striped just outside of the roped area that I spotted from the pier. And then these little guys.

One advantage to having booked the VIP adult only area is that it included lunch which was rice/beans, chicken, steak/onions, fried fish, corn on the cob, salad and cookies. You also had access to unlimited water, lemonade, fruit punch and Bahama mamas (until they ran out of mix, then made something else).

It was just a half day excursion, but it was nice that Princess excursions went over in the morning, before it got too hot. Folks from the Allure of the Seas showed up just before mid-day and would be there for the afternoon. So this small area of beach was a little crowded for about an hour or so, but it wasn’t bad.

Then it was back to the ship to enjoy the rest of the day onboard.

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