25 days and counting

Just 25 days until I board the beautiful Regal Princess for this amazing Mediterranean itinerary!

Friends and I are planning to walk around Barcelona the day we arrive until we can get into our hotel rooms, and have tickets for La Sagrada Familia the day we are due to board Regal.

It should be quite the whirlwind, and exhausting trip! More to come!

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Upcoming travel

Travel is back in my future! First up will be, what should be, a fantastic three weeks on a cruise ship. With this itinerary! I have been to the Mediterranean before, but only for 10 days. This will be the longest cruise to date for me, so looking forward to that, as well as all the new ports. All of Greece on this cruise will be new (I have been to Greece, just not these ports), and Turkey will be new.

The month after that, I have a new to me, exciting opportunity. I am a Travel Advisor but a small independent agency so opportunities like this don’t always come along. I’m still waiting for the final details so I can book flights and it becomes really real, but I have an invitation to attend the Miami Inaugural cruise on the new Norwegian Prima! Just a short little cruise, but it will be exciting to check out the new ship, and I can’t wait to report back!

And yet another month after that, I have another exciting and rare (for me) opportunity. I received an invite to attend the MSC Seascape Naming Ceremony. Now this isn’t an actual cruise, but we will spend the night onboard and get to tour different cabin types, experience meals, show, the naming ceremony – did I mention Katy Perry is the Godmother? So this should be a really fun opportunity!

Last but not least in the most upcoming travel is a cruise I have waited two years for. I’ve been booked on it for 2021, 2022, and finally 2023. It is looking extremely positive that this third time will be the charm for this adventure as they have hired the “destination expert” (port lecturer) so that’s a fantastic sign. So here is the itinerary:

Now this cruise, you see Antarctic Peninsula – this is NOT an expedition cruise, so we will not be getting off the ship in Antarctica, but we will have four days of scenic cruising, in and out of the inlets to view wildlife, icebergs etc. For now, that is enough for me! I have been planning my packing for this trip for two years lol.

Don’t give up on me, I’ll be posting again soon!