Upcoming travel

Travel is back in my future! First up will be, what should be, a fantastic three weeks on a cruise ship. With this itinerary! I have been to the Mediterranean before, but only for 10 days. This will be the longest cruise to date for me, so looking forward to that, as well as all the new ports. All of Greece on this cruise will be new (I have been to Greece, just not these ports), and Turkey will be new.

The month after that, I have a new to me, exciting opportunity. I am a Travel Advisor but a small independent agency so opportunities like this don’t always come along. I’m still waiting for the final details so I can book flights and it becomes really real, but I have an invitation to attend the Miami Inaugural cruise on the new Norwegian Prima! Just a short little cruise, but it will be exciting to check out the new ship, and I can’t wait to report back!

And yet another month after that, I have another exciting and rare (for me) opportunity. I received an invite to attend the MSC Seascape Naming Ceremony. Now this isn’t an actual cruise, but we will spend the night onboard and get to tour different cabin types, experience meals, show, the naming ceremony – did I mention Katie Perry is the Godmother? So this should be a really fun opportunity!

Last but not least in the most upcoming travel is a cruise I have waited two years for. I’ve been booked on it for 2021, 2022, and finally 2023. It is looking extremely positive that this third time will be the charm for this adventure as they have hired the “destination expert” (port lecturer) so that’s a fantastic sign. So here is the itinerary:

Now this cruise, you see Antarctic Peninsula – this is NOT an expedition cruise, so we will not be getting off the ship in Antarctica, but we will have four days of scenic cruising, in and out of the inlets to view wildlife, icebergs etc. For now, that is enough for me! I have been planning my packing for this trip for two years lol.

Don’t give up on me, I’ll be posting again soon!

Mexican Riviera Cruise – catch up

Thursday we had our required Covid test, both of us were negative. Saturday morning we had our early flight. We were a little late leaving due to slight icing on the wings/plane, but Captain made up time and we landed within minutes of our scheduled time (way to go Captain!). We picked up our luggage and went to find the Princess reps. They checked us in, told us where to wait and that they would be calling for a bus and the approximate time it would arrive. They took our luggage (checked bags, always continue to keep your carry on essentials with you!). About an hour later the bus arrived and we were on our way to the port!

We arrived at the cruise port and got checked in within just a couple of minutes. However, the ship wasn’t ready for us yet so we went to the appropriate lounge (first ones in!) and waited …. for about two hours. And then the magic happened – we were allowed to board! By the time we were allowed to board, some friends had caught up with us in the lounge, so we all boarded together (also first onboard!). Since the shut down, every time I board it is almost magical. Just the knowledge that we’ll soon be back out to sea enjoying everything that comes with cruising is wonderful!

Embarkation day was busy. We got onboard, went to our cabin, which wasn’t quite ready yet, and dropped off my carry on bag. Located our cabin steward, introduced ourselves, and let him know we had popped in and left some items so he didn’t wonder!. Then we headed to a group member’s cabin and put a sign on her door for her. Then it was off to lunch, this day at Alfredo’s Pizzeria – yummy! Lunch was the 6 of us, plus two others who caught up with us a few minutes later. After an enjoyable lunch, it was back to the cabin to unpack.

My bag arrived first so I started the unpacking process. We turned on the safety video (formerly muster drill) so then we just needed to get to our check-in point. Just as we were getting ready to head out to check in, husband’s laundry appeared. So we stayed a little longer so he could unpack. Then we did our muster check-in and headed up to the aft bar for a get together. We booked a mini-suite this trip, which was a first for us. There is a video on my travel FB page – click the FB icon here:

The get together was a good time. So many people stopped by from the online group so we got to put real people behind the pictures and words on the screen. There were give aways, drinks, lots of laughs, and some photos. Before it broke up, we were able to get one of the waiters to take a big group picture. That was fun!

When some of our notes/papers were dropped off, along with our excursions tickets, was a letter letting us know that our excursion in Cabo San Lucas had been cancelled. It’s ok, we weren’t overly thrilled with any of the excursions we had picked out. We’ve been on this itinerary a couple of times. We did take a look at other excursions but nothing was striking us at that moment, so when Monday rolled around and we docked in Cabo, we did not have a tour. We ended up staying onboard. It’s ok – Cabo is a tender port, so it’s not like you can just walk off and wander around. Instead, we enjoyed even more silence onboard the ship – watched a movie or two, ate and had a couple of drinks, watched the jet skiers and parasailers from the balcony. Nice relaxing day that ended with a beautiful sunset.

I’ll end this post here and start a new one for Mazatlan.

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Another cruise is coming

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been spending time working on building my business, and also on purging the excess at home!

So we are headed out soon on a quick 7 day get away to the Mexican Riviera on Majestic Princess. The weather has turned chilly at home this week, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

The itinerary on this cruise includes port stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Now, we have done this cruise at least two or three times before, but living in California makes it a quick and easy get-away when you just need to go!

A negative rapid antigen test is still required to cruise on Princess, along with being vaccinated of course. We have our appointment in the morning to get that taken care of, then it’s smooth sailing until our flights.

Normally I start packing well in advance, changing my mind multiple times on what I want to wear, but for excursions this trip, we have opted to head to beach clubs where, most of which have the beach/ocean as well as a pool to cool off in. Because of this, it really makes packing easy. Shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, swim suit of course, and some clothes for dinner in the dining room and one of two formal nights. When we cruise together, we split the formal nights up. The formal night we do not go to the dining room, we will either eat in the buffet or Alfredo’s.

When I was on Majestic in August (to Alaska), I took lots of photos to share, and videos/live videos that I shared on my FB page. I am thinking about doing some more of those this trip.

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More to come, thanks for stopping by!