Day 3 – Juneau

We were not scheduled to dock until around noon with the ok to go ashore around 1PM. Because of this, the day began as normal, got up and got ready, packed my bag for a day ashore, then I headed to breakfast.

After breakfast, I wandered around, ran into a couple of people I had met earlier so we sat and chat for a while. Before you knew it, you guessed it, it was time for lunch lol.

While at lunch, we completed docking alongside Juneau. At this time, I headed back to my cabin and grabbed my bag then hung out in the Piazza catching up on the latest online. Approval was received to go ashore.

Monday, I opted to let the weather forecast change my mind about going whale watching and to Mendenhall Glacier. So my plan at this point was just to wander in town. I hung out onboard long enough for the excursions groups to get off the ship.

I will note that typically, you meet in the Theatre, they give you the little sticker with your bus number, etc then you go as a group to the bus/pier or wherever you’re supposed to meet. That has changed, at least for now, so you go where-ever your tour ticket tells you at the time noted on the ticket. Most often it was “meet on the pier at xx time” or “meet at the end of the pier at xx time”. Then the person in charge of the group checked you in, and told you where to go.

Once the crowd had died down, I headed ashore. First thing I did was buy a ticket and head up Mount Roberts by way of the tram. If it hadn’t been so wet, I had planned to take a short hike at the top. Since it was very cloudy and drizzly, I just went up, shopped, took some photos of the pier and the ship, then headed back down. Kind of pricey for a quick trip up, but that’s ok. Tickets were $25/pp.

Then I just walked along the pier, did some window shopping, and picked up a couple of souvenirs. The highlight of the day came when, while walking on the pier, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. A bald eagle sat perched on a bridge not far from the pier. Even though it was drizzling, I stopped and changed my camera lens, throwing on my long lens. And I was able to capture some lovely photos of this wet bald eagle!

After a little more meandering and shopping, I headed back to the ship, dropped off my bags (camera and shopping) and yep, you guessed it, it was time for dinner! As always, I shared a table with strangers and had a lovely dinner with nice conversation.

After dinner, I went to the show. Singing/dancing called Sweet Soul Music. They have some talented individuals onboard. I then meandered over to Princess Live to watch the Yes/No game. There were three or four winners out of the six or seven that participated. It was pretty impressive!

At this point it was getting a late and I had a full day scheduled for Skagway so I called it a night.

Travel protocol changes

Travel requirements continue to change. If you are planning travel, it is SO important to continually monitor sites for changes. Yesterday Princess announced new mask and testing requirements for the cruise after mine through the CDC Conditional Sail Order date of Oct 31, 2021.

Although I don’t have to worry about pre cruise testing (even if vaccinated, which I am), they’re upping the mask requirements. This is the update I received:


We look forward to welcoming you on board your upcoming cruise. In an abundance of caution and in response to the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 caused by the Delta variant, we have made adjustments to our onboard mask policy.

All guests will be required to wear face masks in elevators, entertainment venues, retail shops, the casino, and other designated areas except while eating and drinking. Guests must also wear face masks prior to being seated in all dining venues and may occasionally be asked to wear a mask in other designated areas. Masks are required during embarkation and debarkation in the terminal, and must be worn during the debarkation process on board.

Our crew will continue to wear masks at all times when in guest areas, except when eating or drinking or outdoors when not interacting with guests. As we work with our medical experts to promote the health and safety of our guests and crew, we appreciate the cooperation of all of our guests”.

I know many would want to cancel,, or be upset or even mad at these changes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed about the change, but it will still allow me to get back onboard a cruise ship and sail away and that thought makes me happy!

Again, if you’re planning travel, particularly with a cruise line or tour company, I cannot stress enough the importance of staying up to date with the ever evolving rules and regs. Hopefully once the CDC date comes and goes, these changes will not be so frequent. Until then I wish you all safe and happy travels!

One Week To Go

Well just one week from today I will be boarding the Majestic princess in Seattle for a week long cruise to Alaska!

My medallion has arrived which is what I will use to access my cabin, purchase drinks on my account or items from the shops, and it’s my identifier for checking in-and-out of the ship when I go ashore. It is small and circular and I attach it to my Fitbit band (I will post picture next week).

Princess is currently requiring passengers be fully vaccinated, and they must wear face masks when when boarding the ship so when we’re in line at the port, as well as on transfer busses or tour busses. And Alaska has just requested that we also wear masks if we are unable to social distance or if we go indoors while ashore in Alaska. Because of this I purchased some new Princess masks that they had available at the time I ordered my medalion.

My bag is mostly packed but my mind is fully packed (with excitement lol) and ready to go! I’ll see you in a week!!