One Week To Go

Well just one week from today I will be boarding the Majestic princess in Seattle for a week long cruise to Alaska!

My medallion has arrived which is what I will use to access my cabin, purchase drinks on my account or items from the shops, and it’s my identifier for checking in-and-out of the ship when I go ashore. It is small and circular and I attach it to my Fitbit band (I will post picture next week).

Princess is currently requiring passengers be fully vaccinated, and they must wear face masks when when boarding the ship so when we’re in line at the port, as well as on transfer busses or tour busses. And Alaska has just requested that we also wear masks if we are unable to social distance or if we go indoors while ashore in Alaska. Because of this I purchased some new Princess masks that they had available at the time I ordered my medalion.

My bag is mostly packed but my mind is fully packed (with excitement lol) and ready to go! I’ll see you in a week!!

Day 1 Road trip: home to Idaho Falls

After a couple of weeks of planning and a couple weeks waiting, the car was washed, loaded and had a full tank, and we were off. We left bright and early Sunday morning since we knew it would be a very long day of driving.

I missed the sign, but we made it to Reno! (Please excuse my now dirty windshield lol)

We were headed out on a speedy little trip through some National Parks, starting with Yellowstone. But our first stop would be Idaho Falls for a good night rest at our dear friends’ house whom we hadn’t seen in a while.

The changes in scenery is always amazing on a road trip, from mountains to desert-like conditions, to beautiful water views and rocks. These are across Nevada.

I happened to glance in my side mirror and I liked the way this was framed.

We stopped somewhere along the way in Nevada for lunch. Then we made it to Idaho!

The landscape varies in Idaho as well from lush green Ag land to dry sagebrush areas, and areas that look more dry with water features.

While taking the backroads through Twin Falls to change highways, we came across a huge factory – we had no idea this was there! This factory really is large, this image only shows a small end of the building!

All in all it was a nice day of driving. The temperatures were not out of control, I believe the highest my vehicle registered was 84 with many areas in the low 70s. After about a half day of driving we arrived safely at our destination for the night. It was great to catch up with friends and we were looking forward to day 2 of our trip!

Day 2 we head for Yellowstone….